History of the Aussie Travel Code

The Aussie Travel Code brand and social media campaign was originally created in 2020 to address challenges caused by a rapid increase in tourism visitation to the South Australian Outback.

The growth in tourism was very welcome, but it also caused some unexpected impacts.

The Aussie Travel Code was created to do two things:

  1. Advocate for issues affecting the people, culture and precious natural environments.
  2. Help visitors understand how to do the right thing.

We took a friendly, cheeky approach because:

  1. We are friendly and cheeky! We wanted the advice to feel true to the character and warmth of our region.
  2. It was 2020! Everyone had enough rules to follow already.
  3. We're pro-tourism and we love visitors. We know most people are visiting because they love us too.

We believe most people do the right thing when they understand how, so the Aussie Travel Code provides local insights to help visitors have a safe, respectful and enjoyable time in an unfamiliar region.

The goal is to encourage traveller behaviours that will have a positive impact on the region and contribute to the long-term sustainability of our regional tourism industry.

Tourism Australia is now an official partner of the Aussie Travel Code, and our vision is to roll out localised versions of the Code for the many unique Aussie destinations across the country.

We're excited to see The Aussie Travel Code progress through future phases.

See what's coming next.

2019 | Growing Pains

After multiple years of tourism growth in the South Australian Outback, locals were reporting a rise in issues caused by the increasing number of under-prepared travellers. The increased demand was affecting the communities, facilities, emergency services and natural environments.

2020 | Community-led Solution

To address the issues, a collaborative project team is created by the board of the Flinders Ranges and Outback, the Outback Communities Authority, Regional Development Australia Far North and Landscape South Australia – SA Arid Lands in partnership with WOOF Media, a specialist regional tourism marketing agency.

July, 2020 | Community Consultation

Working on a shoestring budget, the project group creates and distributes a survey to local residents, business owners and stakeholders across the region. The survey identifies the top 3 issues that need to be addressed and collects local advice to provide to travellers.

September, 2020 | Phase 1: Launch

The Aussie Travel Code brand is created to provide a friendly, welcoming local guide to help future travellers understand the unique requirements of the region. Phase 1 involves a quirky, cheeky grassroots social media campaign that attracts nationwide press coverage.

2021 | Phase 2: Recognition

While working on avenues for future funding, the project team focuses on getting the word out. The Aussie Travel Code is included in the South Australian Regional Visitor Strategy 2025 and receives an endorsement by then-Premier Steven Marshall. The Campaign is awarded silver in the campaigns category of the 2021 South Australian Tourism Awards.

2021 | Official Partnership with Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia becomes an official partner of the Aussie Travel Code. A research phase is planned for 2022 to explore the demand for a nationwide rollout of the Aussie Travel Code brand.

2021-22 | Phase 3: Expansion

Funded by the OCA, the project team begins the process of developing Aussie Travel Code branded road signage across the South Australian Outback. Local businesses voluntarily advocate for the brand by displaying signs, stickers and posters in their premises.

2022 | Tourism Australia Responsible Travel Survey

Tourism Australia launches a nationwide survey to gauge interest in developing location-specific Codes for destinations across the country. The Responsible Travel Survey is open until June 15.