What is the Aussie Travel Code?

When you see the Aussie Travel Code logo, it means you're travelling in—or planning a trip to—a bloody great place. You're in for an unreal experience in an incredible part of Australia.


But, Australia's a big place and things might not be what you're used to back home.

Starting with South Australia's incredible Outback, the Aussie Travel Code gives you the insider knowledge you need for this region. It will tell you how to enjoy your trip, stay safe, and be the kind of traveller you would want to meet in your own hometown.

Top 10 Travel Tips

Arid landscapes are incredibly fragile. They support a wide range of truly unique and amazing plants and animals. Every step off the path and every wheel off the track will have a lasting impact.

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When you follow the #AussieTravelCode, expect to be rewarded with an adventure of a lifetime. You'll discover rich history and stories, stunning natural landscapes, and great people who are happy to welcome you.

Aussie Travel Code: The Vision

The Aussie Travel Code is a tourism-positive awareness campaign designed to preserve our beautiful regions for future generations of travellers.

Starting with the stunning Flinders Ranges and Outback region of South Australia, the vision of the campaign is for visitation to have minimal impact on the environment.

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Purpose of the campaign

To raise awareness of accepted behaviours for travellers to the Flinders Ranges and Outback region. These behaviours include respect for the Country in which they are travelling - the environment, traditional owners, each other and themselves.

Primary issues

Based on in-depth consultation with locals, land-owners and industry, the primary issues Aussie Travel Code that will raise awareness about, are:

1) Rubbish
2) Bio-waste
3) Destruction of natural environments

Who are we talking to?

The following have been identified as the primary audiences for the campaign to bring awareness to the issues, and educate fellow travellers on best practice.

1) Travellers/Visitors (Australian, domestic)
2) Locals and Land-owners
3) Industry/Stakeholders

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Get involved and spread the word

Starting first in South Australia's Outback, the Aussie Travel Code brand and awareness campaign has been designed to be adapted across regional Australia.

To support the the Outback campaign, or find out how you can bring the Aussie Travel Code to your region, email us at hello@aussietravelcode.com.au or send us a message using the form below.

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