Aussie Travel Code Outback Signage Project – June 2022 Update

Further to our earlier update, the Aussie Travel Code project team has been developing plans to install branded signage across the South Australian Outback. The signage is funded by the Outback Communities Authority (OCA) to promote the key messaging for the Flinders Ranges & Outback around road and vehicle safety, preparation, rubbish, bio-waste and respectful travel.

Activity to Date

A quick summary of the committee’s activities to date (February – June 2022):

1. Major “Gateway” Signs

  • We received approval from the SA Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) 
  • Once proofs have been revised the 10 signs will go into production with the sign manufacturer
  • We expect the signs to be installed over the next eight weeks (pending no “2022 issues” e.g. staff availability due to illness or other snap materials shortages).

2. Community Signs

  • To streamline process and communications, business signs will now be offered to progress associations rather than creating separate Community signs.
  • Branded stencils will be made available for creative uses – spray-painting onto half tires in paddocks, painting onto concrete paths or water tanks

3. Business/Private Property Signs

  • Signs will be distributed to 46 businesses, 8 progress associations, 22 OCA-managed toilet blocks, and other organisations. 
  • This number includes a few extra signs with each message for people who missed the chance to respond to the EOI.
  • An online form and paper form have been setup to collect information when people take ownership of their signs, to ensure transparency in how the resources were distributed.    

At present count, we estimate a minimum of 150 signs will be installed across the South Australian Outback during the next 12 weeks.

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