Aussie Travel Code Outback Signage Project – January 2022 Update

Funded by the Outback Communities Authority, the Aussie Travel Code project team has been developing plans to install branded signage across the South Australian Outback. The signage will promote the key messaging for the Flinders Ranges & Outback around preparation, rubbish, bio-waste and respectful travel. 

Activity to Date

A quick summary of the project’s activities to date (October 2021 – January 2022)

  • We categorised signs into the following:
    •  ‘Major’ (entry corridors, highways)
    • ‘Community’ (Coordinated and installed by progress associations, community groups)
    • Business (Coordinated and installed by private businesses)
  • We pinpointed 21 locations for Major signage and prioritised 10 for installation this year, developing detailed maps with coordinates and site instructions.
  • We gathered initial ballpark costs for these 10 major signs
  • We sent out a survey to stakeholders across the region so we can begin to shortlist locations for the Community signs

Next Stage

  • We will analyse the survey responses to confirm likely numbers of Community signs to order
  • We will gather costings for the Business signs (small format but permanent signs for business owners to install and maintain)
  • We will develop an online form for businesses to order their preferred signs
  • We’ll formalise distribution plans so community groups and businesses can receive their signs (intended to minimise the costs of shipping by making use of existing networks)

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