Tourism Australia’s Responsible Travel Project Surveying Destinations Across Australia

Inspired by the Aussie Travel Code’s inaugural in-region research project in 2020, the Responsible Travel Survey will gather community feedback on key issues that impact the sustainability of tourism industry growth across Australia.

Responsible Travel Survey

The survey, conducted by Tourism Australia, will provide an opportunity for locals to advocate for issues affecting their region, highlighting the impact of tourism on the local environment, community, and culture.

The feedback will help tailor communications by Tourism Australia, State, and Regional Tourism bodies for travellers in specific regions to educate and encourage responsible and respectful travel. While there are so many positive impacts of tourism in our regions, now more than ever, it is critical to have a proactive approach for how the tourism sector, its partners, and stakeholders face the future sustainably.

Australian tourism operators are invited to complete the responsible tourism survey and share the survey link further afield with suppliers, residents, business partners, associations and other stakeholders  across their region.

Update June 2022: the survey has now closed.

Expansion of the Aussie Travel Code brand

Tourism Australia has supported the expansion of the Aussie Travel Code brand kit and this website so that participating regions will have the option to adopt the Aussie Travel Code brand tool kit for their local area. The further development of the brand will enable regions to adopt the tourism-positive approach and leverage a unifying messaging platform, offering localised traveller advice as it applies to their local area.

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